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Childhood Reading


There is no better time to start a habit of lifelong learning than in childhood. Children are born to discover new information at an extremely rapid rate and it is the responsibility of caregivers and the library to provide these children with a near limitless supply of resources. Not only do they have access to many hundreds of thousands of books throughout the entire City of San Diego library system but they can also open up a wealth of electronic resources via the library’s website. 

Preschool StoryTime & Crafts

Every Thursday at 10:30am, you'll find Ms. Teri or Ms. Charlotte reading to Preschoolers and giving them an opportunity to stretch their vocabulary and creative minds.  No signup necessary. 



We have two “Early Learning” computers for preschoolers and another set just for elementary grades that entertain while they educate. For students looking to learn more, the La Jolla / Riford library not only has literary classics, non-fiction titles about California missions and Native American Indian tribes, and science fair experiments, but we also have electronic databases that provide decades of resource material on an infinite number of subjects. 





Besides books we have a selection of DVD’s, children’s books on CD including book/CD combos so children can read along as the book is read aloud. We have four educational computers children can use to play games that teach them about colors, math, and even geography. There are a multitude of different programs available that are both educational and entertaining. 

mag wall


There is also an innovative Mag Wall that allows children to engineer a network of tubes and pipes and discover the fun to be found in making the ball roll through their creation from beginning to end. This helps with concepts like simple engineering, cause and effect and problem-solving.

study rooms


There are two study rooms that can each seat up to four students and can be checked out for one hour at the youth services desk. 

Then, as students grow and mature, they can eventually make use of our College Room which features books and computers solely on the topic of college applications, admissions and testing.