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From its artist-created design to its prominent position at the atrium center of the new Library, the Donor Wall is a fitting testimonial to the many people who made this edifice possible.

The Donor Wall has 176 decorative cast glass plaques, each 16 inches wide by 4 inches high, emblazoned with donor names and sentiment that are expressed in beautifully incised lettering. To complete the concept, plaques are attached to a metal frame that references the artist’s decorative railings at the grand staircase and main desk. The overall size is approximately 17 feet wide x 6 feet high.

There is still a place for your name or your family’s name. Many people have also used the donor wall as a memorial to a loved one. A minimum $1000 donation is necessary to be part of this generous outpouring of support for our community.

Each glass plaque contains one to three lines of personal inscription.  Each line allows for 26 characters including letters AND spaces.  You may be as brief or expansive as you wish within those parameters.

When you are ready to proceed with ordering a Recognition Plaque, please contact our Friends Development Committee Chair, or call your Head Librarian at (858) 552-1657.