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Spotlight on Volunteerism


 In America the spirit of volunteerism runs deep. As a nation dedicated to helping and improving the lives of others, philanthropy and volunteerism come naturally and are integral enrichments to many of our lives.

At our own La Jolla Public Library we have almost 100 volunteers devoting more than 10,000 hours annually. With a “volunteer hour” in California valued at $26.87/hour, you can quickly calculate, that is a lot of time and service.

This September, four of our volunteers were honored for their extraordinary contributions to the La Jolla Public Library at the annual meeting of the Friends of the San Diego Public Library

They include Darryl Templer, Teri Newlee, Jane Sagerman and Cindy Fedders.

Darry Templer can frequently be found in the History Room which he has run for the past 12 years ready to help answer questions, particularly on Friday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Darryl, a Friends of the La Jolla Library board member, also gives his time creating, publishing and distributing our Friends’ newsletter.

Teri Newlee is the Library board’s membership chair, but she is almost certainly better known for her weekly 10:30 a.m. Thursday “Preschool with Miss Teri” reading program, which she has been doing for five years. This group of 40 to 60 kiddos is a raucous and fun-loving crowd, but when Miss Teri does the “zipper mouth” and starts to read, all — well almost all come to rapt attention.

As board parliamentarian Jane Sagerman has revamped the Library’s bylaws to 2016 standards and put in place other important board policies. As nominating chair, she has introduced new and experienced faces to the Library and board. As assistant treasurer she has updated and streamlined our banking processes and can be found in the Library many days a week making sure our financial operations are running smoothly.

Cindy Fedders has been a Library volunteer for more than 12 years. A past board member, she has served as bylaws and membership chairs, and for the past 10 years, she has been chiefly responsible for creating, publishing and distributing our quarterly Friends newsletter.

We couldn’t provide the services we do without Cindy, Jane, Teri and Darryl, and all our volunteers.

To get involved, log on to our website and visit our volunteer link (https://lajollalibrary.org/support/volunteer/).

Of course, volunteerism and philanthropy go hand in hand. This fall we extend our deep appreciation to one of our most generous benefactors, the Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation, which has once again honored us with a notable grant, with which we have purchased hundreds of graphic novels and 10 new laptops for after-school use. We thank both the Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation and its executive director Doug Dawson for facilitating this generous grant.

Our donors’ generosity and friendship allow the La Jolla Library to be the world class library we are. If you haven’t already, please join the Friends group online at lajollalibrary.org or pick up a Friends of the La Jolla Public Library membership envelope at the front desk. We appreciate your support!

With best wishes to all,

Sallie Warren

President, Friends of the La Jolla Public Library