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Meet Dennis Abad, the “face” of La Jolla Riford Library


LJL: What do you like about your job?

DA: I live to make a difference in the lives of future engineers and leaders. I like to see people smile and not leave here empty-handed, that gives me great satisfaction.


LJL: How did you end up working in the Riford Library?

DA: In the Philippines, we had no money and my mom told me, ‘You’re not going to go to school.’ I was like, ‘No way I’m going.’ I paid for my tuition by working at the university’s library. ‘I was a working scholar.’


LJL: What’s something that La Jollan’s don’t know about you?

DA: “I’d like them to know that I am a good dancer. I used to be part of a dance group in the Philippines called MISTYXX. We did modern dance. When my wife and I go to parties, we are in the middle of the floor dancing to hip hop, rap and house music. I also cook Filipino food, like pansit (similar to Chow Mein but with thin strands), lumpia (a sort of spring roll), and sinigang (a savory stew), but I also like to experiment with different cuisines.”


LJL: What’s your hope for the future?

DA: “I’d like to still be here, enjoying my job, because I love my job. I come here every morning, and this is my home next to home. I consider my co-workers brothers and sisters. I’d like to retire some day I the Philippines, where we have built a house for retirement, but it will be awhile. Maybe in two decades.”