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Turning the Page


There is always something new to experience at the La Jolla/Riford library, whether it’s an interesting program or the latest bestsellers. A lot of people are discovering that we are the perfect co-working space with our free Wi-Fi and comfortable, relaxed facilities where it is now okay to bring in a coffee or use your cellphone. Membership, while free, is not required to attend events or use the library and is only necessary to take items home. You don’t even need to bring your library card anymore if you have the free ‘SDPL to Go’ app on your phone, which works on our checkout machines. The library also no longer charges overdue fees, so you can enjoy that book at your own speed.

Our programs balance cultural offerings like art, music and literature with education and science enrichment for both adults and youth. Check the ‘events’ tab to view our calendar or click on the green ‘newsletter signup’ icon to subscribe to our monthly e-blast to keep up to date. Simply click on any event in the calendar to get more details. The programs on offer at the La Jolla library are a matter of pride for our community, having received national attention for several of our unique offerings like our biotech workshops; our Memory Lab for digitizing old formats like VHS and slides; our innovative middle school book club where kids can read and provide feedback on new books before they’ve been published; our 3D printing lab; and groundbreaking citizen science projects such as crowdsourcing our patrons to create a catalog of San Diego’s insect life.

These days we offer numerous services online from the comfort of your home, such as every type of eBook and downloadable audio, Rosetta Stone language learning, as well as Adobe and Microsoft technology classes. Staff are here to help you navigate what’s on offer. 

If too much screen time is giving you digital fatigue, we have over 100,000 print items on the shelves in La Jolla including our astounding Express (red label) collection featuring the same new bestsellers you would find at the book store. We have over a thousand books published within the last year. These do not appear on the online catalog and can only be found by browsing the Express book area of the library’s lobby or by asking staff. Additionally, there are literally millions of books to choose from the floating collection of all San Diego libraries or the county system, or any of our local colleges, which we can get delivered here for you for free as part of your library membership. Here in La Jolla we have all your reading needs covered, from bestsellers to bucket list. We look forward to serving you.


Shaun Briley,   Librarian/Branch Manager