New Board Members Inducted



On Wed, March 15th, the board of the La Jolla Library welcomed 4 new board members, while saying farewell to 3 members.  The annual board meeting welcomed new members: Cathy Carroll, Linda Dowley, Dan Farley and Sue Schreibman.

Out going members


Outgoing members Mimi Ewens, Patricia Jasper Clark (not pictured Beth Dowdling) are congratulated by President Sallie Warren for their volunteer efforts over the past 6 years.





3D Lab in partnership with Cabrillo Monument


Recently the La Jolla Library, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and the Cabrillo National Monument collaborated on 3D Cabrillo a multifaceted educational resource and experience available to educators both near and far. 

Utilizing a special imagining program to create biomodels of many of the prominent organisms found in the Rocky Intertidal Zone of Cabrillo Monument, the participants were able to connect nature and technology. Free downloadable versions of these models are available to the public on their website at the 3D Cabrillo Biomodel Library. These models can be produced on any 3D printer, such as those available through the San Diego public library system.

The goal of this initiative is to highlight the public’s important role in awareness and stewardship of our public lands, a tenant inherent in the very mission of the Park Service. By connecting nature and technology, they look to foster excitement in the next generation of environmental stewards.


Meet Dennis Abad, the “face” of La Jolla Riford Library


In a recent La Jolla Light article, our “Front Man”, Dennis Abad, was interviewed.  Speaking of his life and likes, the article reveals the man behind the first desk you see as you walk into the library. His story of how he became involved in libraries, meeting his wife and his pasttimes are surprising and heartwarming. Did you know he loves to dance and can cook? Click here for some excerpts.

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